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“African Americans and US Law in Visual Culture”

Time: 02/23/2018: 6:00PM–7:30PM
Location: Room 408A

Chair: Jody B. Cutler, St. John’s University

” “We Know Enough to Vote”: Thomas Waterman Wood’s Depictions of Black Suffrage”
Sarah Kate Gillespie, Georgia Museum of Art

” “Are They Equal in the Eyes of the Law?”: African American Soldiers in World War I Illustrated Sheet Music”
Theresa Leininger-Miller, University of Cincinnati

“The Contractual Aesthetics of Sharecropping in Recent Art”
Albert Stabler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“The Museum Meets the Legal Advocates: A Collaborative Exhibition on Racial Injustice”
Sara Softness, Brooklyn Museum


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