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Time: 02/23/2018: 5:30PM–7:30PM
Location: Concourse Foyer

The Services to Artists Committee invites artist members to participate in ARTexchange, CAA’s unique pop-up exhibition and annual meet-up for artists and curators. This social event provides an opportunity for artists to share their work and build affinities with other artists, historians, curators, and cultural producers. Each artist is given the space on, above, and beneath a six-foot table to exhibit their works: prints, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and small installations; performance, process-based, interactive and participatory works are especially encouraged. ARTexchange is free and open to the public. A cash bar will be available.

This year’s ARTexchange participants are:

Astrid Kaemmerling: Table 1
Astrid’s website

Ahree Lee: Table 2
Ahree’s website

Rose Deler: Table 3
Rose’s website

Nancy Van Wagoner: Table 4
Nancy’s website

Carolyn Applegate: Table 5
Carolyn’s website

Jan Wurm: Table 6
Jan’s website

Christopher Fitzgerald: Table 7
Christopher’s website

Kyra Belan: Table 8
Kyra’s website

Kenn Kotara: Table 9
Kenn’s website

Mahara T. Sinclaire: Table 10

Francesca Bacci: Table 11

Scott Golem: Table 12
Scott’s website

Danielle Dean: Table 13
Danielle’s website

Yasmin Mazloom: Table 14

Cathy Immordino: Table 15
Cathy’s website

Kristine Schomaker: Table 16
Kristine’s website

Stephanie Brown: Table 17
Stephanie’s website

Joyce Conlon: Table 18
Joyce’s website

Joanne Tarlin: Table 19
Joanne’s website

Kristine Schomaker: Table 20
Kristine’s website

Dr. Pierre Pepin: Table 21
Dr. Pierre Pepin’s website


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