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“Energy and Photography, Part I”

Time: 02/22/2018: 2:00PM–3:30PM
Location: Room 410

Chairs: James Nisbet, University of California, Irvine; Daniel Hackbarth, Independent Scholar

“Imponderables: Photography, Epistemology, and Metaphors of Force”
Laura Saltz, Colby College

” “Light as a Recording Agent of the Past”: The Temporal Register in Astronomical Photography”
Allison Pappas, Brown University

“Photographing Magnetic Energies: Durville’s Phantoms and Rochas’ Superconscious Doubles ”
Fae Brauer, University of East London Centre for Cultural Studies Research

“Film as Radio: John Latham’s Cosmological Cinema and Electromagnetism”
Larisa Dryansky, Université Paris-Sorbonne


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