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“Indiana University School of Art, Architecture + Design Exhibitor Session: Spontaneous Classrooms: Improv, Design Thinking, and Action in a Relational Teaching Practice”

Time: 02/21/2018: 10:30AM–12:00PM
Location: Room 511A

Chair: Sarah Lasley, Indiana University School of Art, Architecture + Design; Amanda Lechner, Indiana University School of Art, Architecture + Design

This panel discussion will feature case studies by studio faculty who integrate actively engaged and experiential techniques, activities and methods into their classrooms. The current generation of students are ushering in a pedagogical shift away from the “sage on the stage” model of top-down instruction toward a more reflective learning strategy. Having grown up online, they are more relational, and information for information’s sake seems less important when one has Google at their fingertips. This shift creates unique challenges and opportunities for art faculty to balance our necessary reliance on technology with an emphasis on empathetic listening and responding.

More than administering ice breakers and group work, art faculty are inventing ways to engage their classes that are individualistic and specific. They are creating adaptable curricula suited to specific classroom communities and are responding in real time to the dynamics of the group as well as the shifting world outside the walls of the classroom. As art faculty frame their own creative specialties in the classroom process, students are exposed to real-world art practice. These methods of learning can harken back to apprentice and workshop environments and allow for collaboration with other fields in finding hands-on ways of engaging students with different learning styles. Here teaching becomes a critical element of the artistic process in ways that are flexible, mutable and expansive.

Empathy and Technology: Encouraging Interaction in the Classroom
Sarah Lasley, Indiana University School of Art, Architecture + Design

A survey of strategies for creating empathetic engagement in the classroom. Using case studies from the Interactive Multimedia course in the Digital Art area of the School of Art Architecture + Design at Indiana University, we look at balancing the necessary reliance on technology, both in the classroom and in our everyday lives, with a better understanding of human experience and connection.

Up in the Air and Down in the Dirt /The Hard-To-Measure Process of Teaching and Learning by Experience
Amanda Lechner, Indiana University School of Art, Architecture + Design
Sharing experiences approaching hands-on courses: “Material & Method”, experimental drawing, design thinking and fundamentals curricula. How can we design projects and courses with flexibility while balancing improvisation with academic rigor? Teaching studio courses in a flexible and mutable way is exciting, challenging and terrifying. The classroom community shapes the trajectory of a course – we can use interpretation to everyone’s advantage.

Discussants: Breanne Trammell, University of Cincinnati; Michelle Leftheris, Middlebury College


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