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Media Lounge Programs

Time: 02/21/2018: 12:00PM–12:00AM
Location: Room 411

ARTspace and MediaLounge programming are organized by the CAA Services to Artists Committee.

The Services to Artists Committee (SAC) was formed by the CAA Board of Directors to seek broader participation by artists and designers in the organization and the Annual Conference. SAC identifies and addresses concerns facing artists and designers; creates and implements programs and events at the conference and beyond; explores ways to encourage greater participation and leadership in CAA; and identifies ways to establish closer ties with other arts professionals and institutions. To this end, committee members are responsible for the programming of ARTspace and its related events including ARTexchange and the Distinguished Artist Interviews.

Radical Identity: The New Citizen

Media Lounge Committee: Carissa Carman, Edgar Endress, Niku Kashef, Cara Tomlinson

Media Lounge is CAA’s main stage of new media explorations where students, academics, and artists come together to build camaraderie. These methods of working with conceptual and technical content provides fodder for a dynamic dialogue of how artists’ place themselves in the larger distinction of media, both analog and digital.

Each year Media Lounge coordinates a central theme to explore the interrelationship of media across a topic. This year, we host academics, new media artists, international communities, guest speakers, filmmakers, and performers to lead workshops, and generate productive discussions and crowd sourcing under the conceptual framework, Radical Identity: The New Citizen.  Within our current political administration and earth shattering disasters, we seek to bring together inspiring, accessible programming which inspires the new citizen to be part of a critical dialogue for action.

Many of the guests and screenings are addressing topics of identity, culture and action. The current 2018 conference cultivates a community of presenters that are breaking through access to the internet, exploring new ways of seeing, inviting interviews that look at video art as a vehicle of cultural introspection while also addressing communities seeking diversity, de-bunking queer identity as an ephemeral culture and supporting hands-on making of textiles as a communication for radical change.

Join us as we make, build, mobilize and expand our communities for a reconstruction of self, and a radicalized new democracy.

All ARTspace and MediaLounge programming is free and open to the public. ARTspace offers an informal, dynamic setting with morning coffee hours, sessions and panels, and other social events.


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