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“Palpable and Mute as a Globed Fruit and Dumb as Old Medallions to the Thumb “

Time: 02/24/2018: 10:30AM–12:00PM
Location: Room 410

Chairs: Donald Preziosi, University of California, Los Angeles; Claire Farago, University of Colorado Boulder

“Mnemic Traces in the Race to Extinction: (How) Can Art History Make a Difference?”
Claire Farago, University of Colorado Boulder

“Transversal Methods for an Art History at the Limit”
Jill Casid, University of Wisconsin Madison

“Architectural Representation and Production Cycles, in History”
Claire Zimmerman, University of Michigan

“Getting the Meta-Narrative We Deserve”
Ian Verstegen, University of Pennsylvania

Discussant: Andrew Benjamin, Monash University Melbourne Australia


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