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“State of the Art (History): Re-Examining the Exam” (Art Historians Interested in Pedagogy and Technology AHPT)

Time: 02/21/2018: 10:30AM–12:00PM
Location: Room 402A

Chairs: Karen D. Shelby, Baruch College, The City University of New York/Art History Teaching Resources; Virginia B. Spivey, Independent Scholar/Art History Teaching Resources

“Agency in Test Design as Motivation for Art History Students”
Eleanor Moseman, Colorado State University, Department of Art and Art History

“Assessing Applied Art History: The eBay Project”
Lisa Langlois, SUNY Oswego

“When the Projector Fails: Transforming the ‘Slide Exam'”
Martha Hollander, Hofstra University

“Breaking Binaries: The Magic Square Essay Exam”
Janice Simon, University of Georgia

“Reacting to the Past: Game Play as a Replacement for Traditional Assessment Methods”
Mary Frances Zawadzki,, Texas A&M

“One Objective, Four Ways to Meet It; Replacing High-Stakes Exams with Multi-Option Creative Projects”
Cara Smulevitz, San Diego Mesa College

“EVERY BODY: Physical Engagement and Making in Portfolio Assessments for the General Education Art History Survey”
Susannah Kite Strang, Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago

“Synthesizing the Survey, Illustrating the Timeline: Rethinking History Assignments for Design Students”
Alexa Griffith Winton, Ryerson School of Interior Design

“Alternative Student Projects for Assessment in Art History Courses”
Michele Wirt


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