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New this year, CAA will offer employers one central place for sharing information about programs and interviewing candidates. The Cultural and Academic Network Hall will bring together academic departments, cultural institutions, prospective candidates, CAA members, and members of the public in a space that is tailored to the employer and job seeker experience.

View pricing for Interview Booths and Exhibition Booths in the Cultural and Academic Network Hall.

Employers are still encouraged to list their open positions in the CAA Online Career Center for maximum visibility. See instructions below.


Dates Wednesday, 02/21/18–Saturday, 02/24/18
Hours: Wednesday–Friday 9:00 AM–7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM–12:00 PM
Location: Petree Hall C & D

Interview booths are included in the exhibition booth package in the Cultural and Academic Network Hall, but must still be booked for 90-minute time slots. Interview booths may be booked by non-exhibitors in the Cultural and Academic Network Hall. To book your time slot, contact Teresa Lopez or call 212-392-4422.

To reserve space in the Cultural and Academic Network Hall, fill out the Academic Network Hall Booth Reservation Form, or contact Paul Skiff (by email) or phone at 212-392-4413.

Job Postings to Online Career Center

Place your job listings now to prepare for February interviews at the conference. For interviews at the conference, you must post your job listing online.

Post a Job 

Job Posting Rates:
Institutional Member Nonmember
30-day job posting $260 $445
60-day job posting $365 $600
90-day job posting $465 $700
120-day job posting $570 $885
150-day job posting $675 $1,040


Computers and printers will be available to institutions conducting interviews in the Candidate Center. You may use these computers to post last-minute job listings, update current job listings, search and view résumés, communicate with job seekers, schedule interviews, and rent additional tables and booths.

The Candidate Center will open to Interviewers/Employers one hour before it is open to conference attendees each day (8:00 AM, Wednesday through Saturday). Candidate Center staff will be available to answer any questions and facilitate your needs throughout the event.


Posting Jobs

  • Advertise job positions on the Online Career Center in advance. Please follow the instructions to create an account or to log into an existing account. An online job listing ensures maximum exposure to job candidates, who have access to the Online Career Center before and during the conference. List specific requirements for the position, required support materials, and your conference interviewing plans. Be sure to specify if you accept electronic submission of application materials.
  • If you plan to interview at the conference, designate your current job posting in the Online Career Center with the Career Services icon CS and include the interview location and cellphone number.
  • Institutions and their representatives are prohibited from posting job vacancies and employer locations at the Annual Conference on walls, pillars, tables, bulletin boards, and the like. Any posting will be removed and discarded.

Preparing for Interviews

  • When contacting job seekers during the conference, state whether you prefer to receive application information online or in hard copy. Also state if you are receiving applications at Career Services or if you are only conducting prearranged interviews. It is the employer’s responsibility to return all materials to job seekers in the self-addressed stamped envelope they provide.
  • CAA has established guidelines—titled “Etiquette for CAA Interviewers”—that set out ways to make the interview experience more positive.
  • Set an application deadline that is early enough to allow you to acknowledge receipt of candidates’ materials and to make the necessary advance arrangements for a meeting.
  • When you make interview appointments with candidates, if possible let them know who will be conducting the interview and provide contact information during the conference, in case of missed connections.
  • Schedule enough time for each interview so that candidates can learn something substantive about your institution, and you can learn something substantive about them. A good length is thirty to forty-five minutes.

During Interviews

  • Establish basic territories the interview must cover, but vary the order of the questions so that the interview does not sound “canned.”
  • Stick to the allotted time.
  • Without using the interview as a means of airing your personal or departmental complaints, be honest about your program, your curriculum, your students, your institution, and the city or town in which it is located.

After Interviews

  • Work as quickly as you can within your department and your administration to inform candidates about their post-interview status.


I’m an interviewer. Must I register for the conference to conduct interviews?
No. You must, however, check in at the Interviewer Center in Petree Hall C & D in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Do I need to register for the conference to use Career Services and the Online Career Center?
No. Employer access to Career Services and Online Career Center job listings requires a current CAA membership, either individual or institutional.

Do I automatically get a conference badge to attend the conference if I’m an interviewer?
No. You must register for the conference to receive a conference badge. Visit the conference registration area on the Concourse Level, or log into your CAA account for more information. Being an interviewer gives you access to the Interview Hall and Candidate Center, which has computers for updating your job listings and seeing responses to them. It does not grant access to the rest of the conference, special events, or the Book and Trade Fair.

Is there a list of institutions that are conducting interviews during the conference?
Yes. CAA posts a list of institutions on a display monitor outside the Interview Hall and on the conference website. Both listings are updated regularly.

Where can I find an internet connection for my laptop?
There will be free Wi-Fi in the Cultural and Academic Network Hall. 

How do I join CAA?
Visit the conference registration area on the Concourse Level for membership questions and an application or join here.


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