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“Decolonizing Art Histories: The Intersections of Diaspora and World Studies”

Time: 02/23/2018: 10:30AM–12:00PM
Location: Room 406B

Chairs: Victoria Nolte, Carleton University; Andrew Gayed, York University

“Move Over, Mona Lisa: Just How Global Is Art History?”
Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College

“Decolonizing Indigenous Art History: American Indian Nationalisms, Digital Mapping, and Re-‘worlding’ Art”
Janet Berry Hess, Sonoma State University

“The World of Abstract Art: A Study of Japanese Brazilian Postwar Art”
Mariola V. Alvarez, Temple University

“Practicing Asia as Method: On the Case of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre”
Jiangtao (Harry) Gu, University of Rochester


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