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“Faithful Copies: On Replication and Creative Agency in Buddhist Art, Part II”

Time: 02/22/2018: 8:30AM–10:00AM
Location: Room 402B

Chair: Chun Wa Chan, University of Michigan

“Making Copies, Making Ties: The Replications of the Buddhist Icon Fukūkenjaku Kannon at the Kōfukuji Nan’endō”
Yen-Yi Chan, University of Kansas

“Uncanny Copies or Efficacious Emulations?: Considering the Relief Sculpture at the Buddhavanam Theme Park”
Catherine Becker, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Replication as a Spectrum of Praxis in Buddhist Visual Culture of Medieval Japan”
Susan Dine, University of Michigan

“Crafting Impermanence: Qiu Zhijie’s Copying of the Heart Sutra ”
Chang Tan, Pennsylvania State University

DISCUSSANT: Stanley Abe, Duke University


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