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Using Canvas to Teach Art History

Time: 02/24/2018: 8:30AM–10:00AM
Location: Room 512

Workshop Leader: Michele Wirt, College of Central Florida, Citrus Campus

Adapting your art history course to Canvas for use with f2f or online classes offers an alternative to the traditional slide lecture with research paper(s) course. Student projects in multiple file formats are readily uploadable and gradable within Canvas. Additionally, the Turnitin feature allows instant plagiarism detection in all student written work. Links to art history text(s), full text articles, primary source material, powerpoint/prezi, video, audio, images, projects, assignments, discussion boards, assessments, a host of apps, and much more is possible. E-text is also available and linkable depending on the publisher. Example student projects featured in this workshop will include mock exhibition catalogs, world arts tour brochures, and spoof remakes. The workshop consists of demonstration and/or hands-on practice with using Canvas as a learning management system for art history courses.

Workshop Specializations: Pedagogy-Educational Strategies-Teaching Methodology, Technology and/or Software-Specific Training, Technology and/or Software-Specific Training

Required Workshop Materials: Charged laptop, access to Canvas/Instructure, and/or note-taking materials, syllabus.

Registration cap: 40



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